What's New

  • March 20th 2015
    HTPC Section Added
    After tinkering with HTPC systems, I've decided to add a section here to detail how to build and configure an HTPC, which will be updated over time.
  • April 16th 2014
    Project Pages Updated
    Project pages (With the exception of R1FLE) have been completely updated to the new design.
  • April 8th 2014
    Site Design Update
    After nearly 5 years of not updating the site, I've decided to work on the design. Over the next couple of weeks, things may look a little off, but project pages will continue to use the old template for stability until the design is complete.
  • November 26th 2009
    New Guide Added
    I've completed a "How To" on changing the default Toshiba media hotkey from powercinema! Check it out on the project page!

In Progress Projects

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    R1FLE Project (vgInteractive MK II)

    A hobby project that looks into alternative inputs for gaming.

Completed Projects

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    Chronos Outlet Control

    Remotely control multiple outlets with a smartwatch.

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    Remote ON/OFF

    Remotely turn on and off a circuit with an RF transmitter.

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    vgInteractive for PC MK I (2008)

    Use a DDR pad and a Wiimote to direct and aim in video games on the PC.

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    vgInteractive for Xbox (2006)

    Use a DDR pad to direct the Master Chief in Halo on the original xbox.

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    AutoIT Script - Webcam MouseGrid

    A tracking system that uses your webcam and colors in order to move your mouse around a grid.

    This script is almost identical to the Movement Tracker project, however it only supports one color to track. Simply, it breaks the image from your webcam up into sections. It displays what section the tracked object is currently in when moved into a region. Its a simple game controller concept, showing that events can be triggered when the object tracked moves into a specific section.

    Latest Build - Forum Post/Worklog

Abandoned Projects

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    AutoIt Script - Webcam Movement Tracker (AKA Motion Pong)

    An old project that would allow the user to play pong using their webcam.

    This is the most advanced script I have yet coded, and is the main work of my AutoIT creations. This script, when complete, will allow two players to play pong through their webcam by selecting two different colors. The program will then designate the selected colors as paddles, causing the ball to bounce when touching them. Currently, it allows two players to select colors and tracks them on screen, however no gameplay has been intergrated.

    Latest Build - Original Forum Post/Worklog

How To

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    Change The Default Toshiba Media Hotkeys

    By editing registry values, users using Toshiba Laptops can specify which application to open when the "Media" hotkey is hit.

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    Introduction to SIMBA

    The "Simply Interfaced Media Based Automation Home Theater PC", or SIMBA HTPC for short, is my first generation HTPC solution. This guide details the base hardware and operating system involved.

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    The Back-end

    Using a combination of SABbzbd, Sickbeard, Couchpotato and Deluge, we can configure the HTPC to automatically download the latest TV Shows and Movies.

More to come...